Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Little Bit of This or That

Some new work that has come about with more free time. Trying some different things and searching for answers to what works best with this technique. The figurative (mutiple layer pinhole composite work) has been receiving a fair amount of attention, but the single shot images like the Flash Series and Rotation Series are truer to the basic idea and are more photographic. Not sure if I should even be worrying about this, but there it is.

  Wishing all of you a Happy Holidays and  Great New Year. Kurt

Blue Water Dreams

Sea Gate

Rabbit Brush Swing #2

Rotation Series: Brown_Yellow_Green

Monday, December 9, 2013

Some More New Images

Things are slowing done somewhat. We are in the teens and near zero at times. This make traveling difficult, but also gives time to work in my "studio". These images are ones that have been on hold, or have been modified after living with them for a time. I started teaching a digital photo class fall quarter and that has taken lot of time away from studio work . I have enjoyed the opertunity to teach again, and class has it's final tomorrow. Soon I can get back to working on creating images again. So here is a mixed bag new ones for you to check out. Kurt

Ancient Seas #5

Ancient Seas #6

Desert Vision #2

Desert Dreams