Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New ICM Photos

Here are some new ICM photos from the last several weeks. I do these often in conjunction with the Lensbaby/Toy Camera images. I am not sure where they are going (I don't get a lot of positive response), but I am drawn to the playful aspect of doing them. They are more akin to painting than photography but that's OK. Kurt

South Wind

Gulf Wind

Color Field #8

Color Field #9

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dayton Views

The first three images are some  shots taken in Dayton OR. We were returning from picking up work that was in the Newberg show, and stopped at the park in the center of town. There is a replica/restoration of a block house from Ft. Yamhill, however the light was not very good for shooting it. Different situation for the bandstand and the cannon. Check it out if you pass through the area. The last two are from the Albany area. Kurt

Bandstand - Dayton

Memorial Column - Dayton

Cannon - Dayton

Sunlit Wall - Hyak

Under the Bridge - Albany

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More ICM

Here are a few more of the ICM images shot during the last several months. Some images may grab me right away, and some just take more time to make a impact. For me at least, the slow impact images are the ones that have the longest shelf life, and many of the ones that grab me lose their punch pretty quickly.  Back when I had a real studio and darkroom, I would pin up photos and look at them several times each workday. I would write notes to myself in the margins, add crop marks, and in general check out how the staying power of the image held up. One of the advantages of having this blog is that it works for me much like the old studio bulletin board did, I can think about, and live with the images for a extended period of time. Kurt

Storm Front

Winter Pond

Titanic's Chair

Winter Marsh