Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Little Bit of This or That

Some new work that has come about with more free time. Trying some different things and searching for answers to what works best with this technique. The figurative (mutiple layer pinhole composite work) has been receiving a fair amount of attention, but the single shot images like the Flash Series and Rotation Series are truer to the basic idea and are more photographic. Not sure if I should even be worrying about this, but there it is.

  Wishing all of you a Happy Holidays and  Great New Year. Kurt

Blue Water Dreams

Sea Gate

Rabbit Brush Swing #2

Rotation Series: Brown_Yellow_Green

Monday, December 9, 2013

Some More New Images

Things are slowing done somewhat. We are in the teens and near zero at times. This make traveling difficult, but also gives time to work in my "studio". These images are ones that have been on hold, or have been modified after living with them for a time. I started teaching a digital photo class fall quarter and that has taken lot of time away from studio work . I have enjoyed the opertunity to teach again, and class has it's final tomorrow. Soon I can get back to working on creating images again. So here is a mixed bag new ones for you to check out. Kurt

Ancient Seas #5

Ancient Seas #6

Desert Vision #2

Desert Dreams

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Still At It

I am still at it. This project seems to just keep pulling me forward and it is kind of strange to have that happening. Some days I feel that it is time to move on, but then something pulls me back into the process. The images are becoming more complex as they come to light, however I still like the simpler one shot abstracts the best. Not sure that these can still be called photography. At any rate here are some new works.

Primal Forrest #2

Primal Forrest #5

Solstice Moon

Sunday, November 3, 2013


A few more ICM images.


Ancient Seas #3

Lost Dispatch

Ancient Seas #4

Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Work: ICM

Some new work using the ICM technique. I seem to be drawn back to this way of working again and again. I keep think that this series is about done and that I need to return to doing my Lensbaby work or panoramas again. Locally there is little support for these images, but have better luck in Europe, the Mid-East, and the Far East for some reason. At any rate, I will keep moving forward. Kurt



Druid's Morning

Friday, October 18, 2013


Some new work with some recycled elements. I often use elements from older work to create new work as the first version is not quite all that it could be, or needs to be re-visioned.


Spirit Comes #2

Dancing With The Light

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

High Desert Trek: Lensbaby Pix

Some new Lensbaby work from the trip in September to Eastern Oregon. I found a few subjects to shoot, but we did not spend much time in towns, and that is the richest place for me when using the Lensbaby.

Kat and Pictos

Root Cellar - Fort Rock

Washing Machine - Fort Rock

White Boot - Paisley

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wanderer's Return

Some new images either from, or inspired by, the road trip to Eastern Oregon. Great time, great weather, and great company. Spent two days shooting in the Fort Rock area, two day in the Summer Lake area, and two days in the Lakeview area. I had not been over there for two years, and lot of changes have occurred. It is still a great place with lots of friendly people. Hope it doesn't become like the west side.

Small Offering - Fort Rock
Ghost Dancers

Desert Visions

Vision Quest
Rabbit Brush Swing

Sage & Sun

Sunday, September 1, 2013

On The Verge

I am getting ready to take a photo trip to Eastern Oregon, but wanted to post a few new ICM images. These are a return to the more abstract type of work that I was doing earlier on. I will be starting in Christmas Valley/Fort Rock/Summer Lake area and work down to Lake View and Hart Mountain. Should be a good time and the weather is supposed to be mid 80's. I am not sure what the photographic outcome will be, but it will be good to be back in my favorite part of Oregon.

Vision Quest
Red/Violet Flash

Blue Rotation

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Journey Continues

Some new work - three Pinhole/ICM images. I recently got some prints done and feel encouraged that the quality holds up in the 9"x 9" images. The big question now is will that be true for 18"x 18" prints.
Details at eleven. K

Coyote Chant

Spirit Comes

Unknown Visitor

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

At It Again

Some recent images from my exploration of ICM pinhole. There has been an addition of figurative elements to some of the works, but others are pure abstract. I am unsure what figurative ones are all about, or if they have any lasting value. However I keep being pulled along two paths. Have to have faith that it is the right path(s) at least for now .

Shaman's Song

Raven's Dance

Green Man

Neap Tide

Pelagic Dreams 
Red/Blue Flash

Blue/Tan Flash

Thursday, July 4, 2013

ICM - Another Sample

Here are a few more images in my ongoing journey into abstraction. Happy 4th!  Stay cool where ever you are. Kurt

Honor Drum

Tectonic Shift

Red/Blue Flash

Neap Tide

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Off the Rails Again

Have been working on some new ICM images. Despite the fact that the process is pretty far removed from what is considered photography, I find that I keep being drawn back to the technique. No doubt my having been a abstract expressionist painter long ago feeds into the whole process, and making the work seems to feed some part of my creative drive. At any rate, here is some of the results. Kurt

P.S. All of these ICM images are shot using a digital camera fitted with a pinhole lens. Some times I also use a ND filter to increase the exposure times. The idea is to have a long enough exposure time to allow controlled movement. I am really painting with light and and this technique is a way to reach that end.

Newsabi #3

Newsabi #4

Fire Storm #4